Big Budgets Don’t Guarantee Successful Marketing Approaches

If you think you have to have a big marketing budget before you can develop a successful marketing campaign, think again.

Don’t believe it? Just think of the national TV commercial you most recently flipped off using your remote control. Someone (actually LOTS of experienced people, both at the agency and on the client’s side) spent both a lot of time and money developing that campaign…and you’re not the only one dismissing it.

So effective marketing does NOT mean you have to start with a big investment. It means you have to learn to use the dollars you have effectively.

Maximize Your Visibility Without Busting Your Budget

That’s what Piggy Bank Promotions is all about. Instead of having to crack open your safe deposit box to access massive marketing dollars, you’ll learn how to take a relatively small amount and make your business stand out from your competitors.

Through this show, you’ll discover information topics like:

  • Advertising vs. PR
  • Polishing Your Public Speaking
  • Finding Your Focus
  • Why You Need a Head Shot
  • Effective Holiday Marketing
…and the list keeps growing.

Piggy Bank Promotions is hosted by marketing/communications guru Wendy Meyeroff. Since 1988, Wendy’s acted as a consultant to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs, creating marketing materials and strategies that set them apart from the crowd…whatever the budget.